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Advertisements and affiliate schemes contribute toward the costs of this site. Advertisements appear at the head and foot of pages, or in the margin.


All 'exchange', affiliate or paid-for advertisements are labelled "advertisement".


Advertisers have no say or influence on the content of the site; similarly we have no control over the content of advertisements (though in the even of a legitimate complaint, we would bar any problem advertisers). These rules are to avoid any real or perceived or possible conflict of interest. does not endorse or recommend any specific products. We report published recommendations about vaccinations and treatment, and these are supported by article bibliographies.


For example: Our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google ads content and our editorial content is free of any commercial influence.


The site is affiliated to Amazon Inc; all links to Amazon are marked 'advertisement' for clarity..

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First Published: 25 April 2015
This page was updated: 25 April 2015


This site is not - and is not intended to be - a substitute for medical advice.

The information provided here is accurate, to the very best of our knowledge, but it is general facts, never, ever, specific to your circumstances.

If you need medical advice, you need a doctor.

If you need legal advice, you need a lawyer.


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